TO Library Links

Username: RUSD followed by Student ID#  (RUSD901234)
Password: Rocklin
User Name:  rocklin
Password:  library
User Name:  twinoaks
Password:  trueflix

    Want to know what book(s) your student has checked out?

    We have set up a check from home feature so that students and parents can see what books are checked out from the Twin Oaks Library. Please follow these instructions to access the information. If you have any questions, please contact our Library Aide.
    1. Go to the ‘Twin Oaks Library Catalogue’ link above.
    2. In the upper right-hand corner, select the ‘login’ button.
    3. User name is the student’s RUSD ID number (same one they use to log on to computers).
    4. Password is the student’s birth date (example 3/11/2004 is 3112004).
    5. Hit the ‘login’ button below.
    6. Choose the "My Info" tab.
    Note: If you or your student does not know his/her RUSD ID number, please check with the front office or our library aide.
    Thank you and happy reading!